Palau Gold Coin – 0.5 g – Golden Egg No. 1 – Green

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  Highly collectible 
  99.99% purity
  Legal tender guaranteed by Republic of Palau and USA
  Proof finishing with Certificate of Authenticity

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Product Overview

Issued by the Republic of Palau, this USD one dollar gold coin features an eye-catching green enamel embellishments and a unique curved design. This coin is also a legal tender guaranteed by the US government. Each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Product Information
CountryRepublic of Palau
ManufactureMayer Mint, Germany
Weight 0.5 g
Metal Content0.0161 troy ounce
Purity 99.99% fine gold
Diameter 9.70 mm ×13.92 mm
DenominationUSD $1
PackagingCoin capsule
Tax Status Gross Margin Scheme
Price Information
Price per troy ounce

SGD $3317.2 

Price per gram

SGD $183.46 

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